Commercial parking lot maintenance in Red Deer Alberta

The Benefits of Calcium Chloride for Commercial Parking Lots

Calcium chloride, an inorganic salt composed of one calcium molecule and two chlorine molecules, has applications in many different industries. Alberta calcium chloride suppliers, such as Fluid Experts Ltd., often provide calcium chloride for use on commercial parking lots. Calcium chloride, because it is beneficial for dust control and for de-icing, can help keep a parking lot clean-looking and safe to walk on during the winter months.

Calcium chloride is an effective dust control agent because it attracts moisture from the surrounding air. Though Alberta has a drier climate, there is plenty of moisture to go around for the calcium chloride to catch. Even on hot, windy days calcium chloride creates a film of moisture which helps prevent dust from kicking up and getting blown around. Applying liquid calcium chloride to Alberta commercial parking lots on a consistent basis can actually slow down pavement deterioration.

Far superior to rock salt in extreme cold, calcium chloride can prevent the formation of ice on a commercial parking lot in temperatures reaching as low as -32°C. Other common de-icers can become ineffective during Alberta's long and harsh winters. Calcium chloride is an optimum de-icing agent because once it attracts moisture from the air, it creates a brine solution which melts the surrounding ice. As the calcium chloride melts it also releases heat, further encouraging de-icing.

On top of providing valuable de-icing and dust-control, calcium chloride is perfectly safe for the surrounding environment and for people and animals when expertly formulated by professional calcium chloride suppliers in Alberta. With proper application, calcium chloride will not damage any surrounding vegetation or pose a health risk to your workers.

Calcium chloride is often relied upon by business owners to keep commercial parking lots safe by preventing slips during the winter months. Keeping a parking lot completely de-iced can help avoid lawsuits from people who slip and fall or who get into a car accident due to ice on the pavement.

A commercial parking lot that is clear of ice during the winter and dust during warmer months is also much cleaner-looking and attractive to potential customers. Customers may not want to pull into a parking lot that looks as if it is poorly maintained and may cause their vehicles to become damaged or dirty.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to be had from using calcium chloride on your commercial parking lot. If you're looking for liquid calcium chloride in Alberta, then Fluid Experts is here to help.

Since 2004, Fluid Experts has been one of the most trusted calcium chloride suppliers in Alberta. Our calcium chloride mixes are specially formulated with each unique client's needs in mind, ensuring effective, reliable dust control and de-icing.

If you have any more questions about how calcium chloride can benefit your commercial parking lot, or if you'd like to go right ahead and request a quote today, then we encourage you to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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