KCL fluid in fracking in Red Deer Alberta

The Applications of KCL Fluid in Fracking

KCl (potassium chloride) is a soluble salt with many applications in hydraulic fracturing. When added to cement slurries and fracturing fluid, KCl fluid can help make the process of fracking quicker and more efficient, thereby increasing production yield. KCl fluid is compatible with most other chemicals used in fracking, and only a small amount of it is needed in order to achieve desired results.

In Alberta, KCl suppliers and frac fluid hauling services such as Fluid Experts Ltd. play an important role in the fracking industry. Let's take a look at the three main beneficial applications of KCl fluid in fracking.

KCl Fluid and Clay Swelling

Clay swelling is a problem that occurs when the fresh water in fracturing fluids causes the surrounding shales and clays to swell and migrate. This can pose a problem for zonal isolation and for well production. Clay swelling can be significantly inhibited by adding KCl fluid to the fracturing fluid used in water-sensitive areas. The KCl fluid helps to temporarily stabilize the clay against any water-based filtrates which enter the formation of rock around the borehole.

KCl Fluid and Slurry Setting Time

Cement slurries used in fracking contain dispersants and fluid-loss additives, which make it more difficult for the slurry to set. KCl fluid, on the other hand, acts as an accelerator. KCl fluid reduces the effectiveness of these other additives and accelerates the reactions needed for the cement slurry to harden, thereby helping it set at a slightly accelerated pace. It is only when the well is cased with cement that fracking can begin, so a quick setting time is important for starting production.

KCl Fluid and Cement/Formation Bonding

Because KCl fluid helps preventing swelling in the surrounding clays while the cement slurry is setting, it naturally helps promote a better bond between the cement and the formation. Clay that swells and migrates will make it more difficult for the cement to set properly and with a firm bond to the formation. Accelerating the slurry setting time also helps strengthen the formation/cement bond.

Frac Fluid Hauling and KCl Suppliers in Alberta

If you require KCl fluid, then you'll want to work with one of Alberta's top KCl fluid suppliers. For over a decade, Fluid Experts has been providing high quality KCl fluid solutions to Alberta's oilfields and other industries in the region. Our experience working alongside the fracking industry has also earned us a solid reputation in frac fluid hauling.

Our KCl fluid solutions are specifically formulated to stand up to the demands of a fracking operation, and are effective in temperatures ranging from 10°C to 204°C. We also offer KCl fluid solution densities from 1005kg/m3 (8.4bl/gal) to 1162kg/m3 (9.7bl/gal).

Fluid Experts is based in Red Deer and provides KCl fluid and frac fluid hauling services throughout central Alberta. Our high quality products and services are backed up by knowledge and years of experience.

If you're in need of KCl fluid or frac fluid hauling, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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