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Why You Should Use a Professional for Calcium Chloride Mixing

The most effective road dust control products are in liquid form. Liquid dust control applications call for the highest concentration levels possible, especially when using liquid calcium chloride on Alberta roads. Liquid calcium chloride is a chemical workhorse for dust control.

It is produced naturally from wells in Alberta at 32% and can be weighed up to 35% CaCl2 concentration. Whereas other mixtures commonly range from 15-28% active chlorides and have a high level of undesirable components and contaminants which make them inappropriate for use in sensitive environmental areas. The most common concentration used in Alberta is 32% primarily due to cost and its natural state from wellbore.

What exactly is liquid calcium chloride?

Liquid calcium chloride is hygroscopic, attracting moisture from the air and its surroundings. This characteristic keeps unpaved surfaces damp which is extremely effective at reducing the amount of dust on the road. A single application resists evaporation, so it also provides long-term results.

What are the benefits of using liquid calcium chloride on Alberta roads?

Liquid calcium chloride’s thirst for moisture binds combined particles together, providing lasting effects on any paved surface it touches.

  • It has a stabilizing effect on the surface that reduces frost damage and overall wear and tear.
  • Maintenance costs for calcium chloride-treated roads are far less than untreated roads.
  • It is safer than other blends for the adjacent environment; such as grass or trees.

Ready to take control of road dust?

The team at Fluid Experts has served Central Alberta and the surrounding areas since 2004. Our management personnel and supervisors maintain a safe work environment at all times. It is our belief that an accident-free workplace is achieved through active leadership, training, and implementation.

Whether you’re building new roads or fixing up old ones, liquid calcium chloride is our dust control material of choice. And Fluid Experts are the calcium chloride suppliers Alberta trusts to apply it. Call us now at 403-347-8031 to place an order or, for general inquiries, contact us through our online form.

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