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Your KCl Suppliers in Alberta: Fluid Experts Ltd.

With Fluid Experts, you have the option of choosing high quality potassium chloride solutions (KCl) from a leading industry supplier. Our salt brine densities range from 1005kg/m3 (8.4bl/gal) to 1162kg/m3 (9.7bl/gal). Whether for use in hydrofracturing or zonal isolation, potassium chloride is effective in a temperature range of 10° to 204°C.

Hydrofracturing Applications of Potassium Chloride

As a result of our experience and quality products, Fluid Experts is seen as one of the region’s top KCl suppliers. Alberta oilfield operators and other industries use our products as effective clay and shale stabilizers for water-sensitive formations. Potassium chloride is especially useful in hydrofracturing (fracking) applications where clay swelling and migration in the presence of water could reduce production yields. In most applications, only a small amount of KCl is required to complete your objective. It is also compatible with a majority of chemicals used in Alberta’s hydrofracturing operations.

Zonal Isolation in Cement Slurries

If you are working with water-sensitive shale and clay for your cement slurry application, KCl can help prevent the swelling of clay materials, enhancing the cement/formation bond.

To view the exact formulations available, visit our KCl solution chart, or contact Fluid Experts for additional information.

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