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Frac Fluid and Water Hauling in Alberta

With extensive knowledge and experience hauling frac fluids for high volume jobs involving fresh water, KCl or water/methanol blends, Fluid Experts Ltd. supplies quality products that meet your specific gravity requirements. Based in Red Deer, we offer frac fluid hauling throughout Central Alberta.

Fresh Water in Large Volumes for Your Frac Job

Fluid Experts Ltd. can deliver large volumes of fresh water for your next frac job. We have an unlimited supply of fresh water supplied by municipal water facilities and classified as drinking water. Each of our branches also has boiler systems in place and can heat the water up to 65°C if hot water is needed.

We also have access to various pools of fresh water throughout Central Alberta. This helps reduce trucking costs in some remote areas where water sources can be hard to locate.

Our drivers have hauled frac fluids for several years and have extensive experience unloading into 400bbl tank farms or Poseidon storage tanks throughout Central Alberta and the foothills.

Nitrogen Hauling for Water-Sensitive Formations

In addition to hauling water to use as a frac fluid, we also transport nitrogen. In water-sensitive formations, like depleted reservoirs and shallow formations, using water as a frac fluid can cause water saturation and clay swelling, which makes moving hydrocarbons to the well bore much more difficult. As a frac fluid, nitrogen is less damaging than water to these formations.

Industries We Serve

We provide our water hauling services in Alberta to various industries that require large amounts of water. If you need water but can’t transport it with you easily, or you find it isn’t easy to acquire the quantity you need, contact Fluid Experts Ltd. for our water hauling services. Our trucks are equipped to transport potable and non-potable water, and they have various spray nozzles for specific applications. Some companies we’ve delivered to in the past use water hauling for:

  • Demolition and dust control
  • Site compaction
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Skating rinks
  • Emergency water for livestock

If you run a company that requires large amounts of water, and you’re tired of paying high water bills or you’re experiencing a drought, choose our water hauling services in Alberta. Fluid Experts Ltd. will deliver fresh water to your location at a fair price. Contact us to learn more.

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