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Professional Road Spraying & Dust Control in Central Alberta

Fluid Experts Ltd. offers road spraying with either water or calcium blend for dust control. In Alberta, Fluid Experts Ltd. has the knowledge and experience to address any dusty road, location or parking lot depending on your dust control requirements. For high traffic roads or lots, we recommend using our calcium water blend to seal the area and ensure long lasting dust control. Use our application chart to determine how much fluid you will need to properly treat your area.

If you have questions or would like to request a quote, please contact our head office in Red Deer.

Benefits of Road Spraying

Road spraying in Alberta will help protect your roads and save money. Road spraying can greatly improve the dust control on your roads, as well as improve base stabilization. Road spraying will save you money on many costs including:

  • Dust control: Alberta businesses need to be wary of dust for visibility and safety. The calcium water blend we use retains moisture for extended periods of time, allowing it to hold down dust and stabilize unpaved road surfaces. This creates a smooth-riding road without billowing clouds of dust.
  • Routine maintenance costs: These costs will be reduced because sprayed roads require less maintenance, so you save on labour, equipment and fuel. Plus, through compaction your road will last longer.
  • Gravel replacement costs: You can save big on aggregate replacement with proper road spraying as your unpaved roads will be stabilized.
  • Construction costs: Road spraying speeds up the compaction process which allows for less rolling required to achieve greater density. This means greater savings on labour.

You should get road spraying done in Alberta about twice a year, especially in the summer to help prevent dust clouds on your roads. The process will leave your road slippery for a short period of time, so be sure the general public knows to stay away from the area being sprayed until the work is done.

Which Alberta Businesses Need Dust Control?

Fluid Experts Ltd.’s dust control services consist of spraying a water and calcium blend around specific work areas to keep excess dust from being kicked up during construction, road building and other jobs that generate air pollution. Dust control in Alberta is important because it minimizes health hazards for workers and the surrounding environment. Many different businesses can benefit from dust control. Industries that require dust control can include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Steel and iron mills
  • Mines
  • Power plants
  • Airstrips
  • Coal terminals
  • Shipping and grain terminals

Many businesses, such as construction and paving, require work outdoors. When performing such work, your company not only has to take into account the health of your employees, but that of the people, animals and plants in the general area who will be impacted by the work you do. Taking advantage of dust control in Alberta will help you ensure the safety of these parties.

Why You Should Consider Dust Control in Alberta

In addition to keeping down air pollution, dust control provides Alberta businesses with many benefits. Jobs like construction, paving, mining or landscaping can result in dust and dirt being kicked up into the air. This can irritate workers' eyes, nose, throat and even ears. Depending on what kind of dust is being kicked up, skin irritation and respiratory problems are another problem that your workers may face. With dust control, you not only create a healthier environment, but you reduce vision impairment, site maintenance, cleaning costs, valuable material waste and much more.

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