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Fluid Experts Ltd.: Your Source for Hot and Cold Water Sales in Alberta

In many industries, water is needed for more than drinking. Oilfields need water for compaction and casing integrity tests, and landscapers need water to ensure their clients’ lawns look pristine. If you’re in a remote location or don’t have the equipment necessary to haul bulk water, your company can rely on Fluid Experts Ltd. 

In addition to our delivery and road spraying services, we offer hot and cold water sales in Alberta. Always supplied by municipal water facilities, our fresh water is available in a range of temperatures. Whether you need water for road spraying or watering plants, be sure to contact us for hot and cold water sales. 

Hot & Cold Water Sales for Many Industries 

We offer our hot and cold water sales to a variety of industries to be used for many applications. If you’re not sure whether our fresh water would benefit your business, take a look at past uses of our product: 

  • Landscaping
  • Fire protection
  • Water spreading
  • Road spraying
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Parks and recreation
  • Swimming pools 

Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Sales in Alberta

Our hot and cold water sales in Alberta are a convenient fix when you don’t have enough water to spray roads, clean tanks and more. We always keep our clients in mind, striving to make your business run as efficiently as possible when utilizing our service. Cold water can be used for many industrial applications, but hot water is often needed as well. Rather than taking the time and resources necessary to heat water at your jobsite, you can utilize our hot water with many benefits to you, including: 

  • Increased range of temperatures available: With a minimum 1-hour notice, we can easily heat your water delivery to any temperature up to 70°C, which may not be possible at your facility. 
  • Reduced jobsite environmental impact: We utilize efficient systems to heat our water. This saves you from having to heat water less efficiently and reduces your jobsite environmental impact.
  • Lowered jobsite operation costs: Water must be heated using electrical or gas-fueled equipment. Rather than spending large sums of money utilizing this equipment, you can lower jobsite operation costs with our hot water sales. 

Contact the Experts for Bulk Water Sales 

It can be expensive having to store or heat bulk amounts of water at your business or jobsite. Rather than using your valuable resources to do so, you can rely on Fluid Experts Ltd. for hot and cold water sales. Alberta businesses such as construction and landscaping companies can have lower operational costs when using our services. To learn more about our water sales, contact us.

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